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10 Tips for Being a Good Mother

Here’s how to be the good mother you can be! Check out these ten tips that will ensure your child is always loved, cared for, and happy.

1. Spend time with your child each day

Kids need you to be around! This doesn’t mean you have to camp out in front of their room, but make sure they always feel loved and secure. Plan activities that are appropriate for their age level, but don’t forget how important it is for them to see how much you enjoy spending time with them.

2. Show your love openly

There’s no way to be too affectionate! Tell your kid how much you love them, even if it’s just before bedtime, and try to show how much they mean to you in how you treat them day-to-day.

3. Give praise generously when their behavior is good

As your child grows, how they treat others will determine how they feel about themselves. Make sure you praise them for being kind and helpful so they know how to behave in a positive way.

4. Discipline with love when necessary

No one likes being yelled at or harshly criticized, so don’t do it! Not only does it leave them feeling embarrassed, but it may lead them to resent you. Yelling can separate you from your child if they don’t feel loved or respected.

5. Be the parent, not their friend

This is how kids are meant to be raised! They need a stable role model, not an omnipresent playmate who’s always buying them things. Kids need to know you are the parent they can turn to for help, guidance, or even just some discipline when necessary.

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6. Don’t be too protective

They’re not babies anymore! Be sure your child knows how much you care about their safety by setting appropriate rules and boundaries, but don’t smother them with protection. They are old enough to do some things on their own. Let them! You want them to grow up responsible and able to make healthy decisions, don’t you?

7. Never compare your child to others

This is how bullying starts! Everyone has his or her strengths and weaknesses, so be proud of how your child is different from everyone else.

8. Set a good example yourself

Your kids should see how you treat other people, how you interact with your friends and family, how much fun you have at work or while exercising– all of these things will help them learn how to behave themselves.

9. Let your child make some decisions for himself or herself when appropriate

Allow your child to pick out his or her own clothes and food that is appropriate for their age.

10. Always be available when they need you

Kids love having fun with their parents, whether it’s building a snowman in the backyard or playing catch! Even if they don’t always ask for help when they’re in trouble, make sure they know how to contact you in case they need assistance.


Being a good mother is one of the most important jobs in the world. It’s also one of the most difficult. There are no perfect solutions, but hopefully these 10 tips will help you be the best mother you can be. And remember, don’t be afraid to ask for help – there are plenty of people who want to support you!

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