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A Quick Primer On How To Evaluate Finance And Accounting Technology For Your Company

If you are a finance or accounting leader, you likely get pitched regularly with the aid of sales people for a new reporting device or business enterprise aid making plans (erp) system. Each one promises to “save you money and time,” “assist you make better choices” and “get you out of spreadsheet hell.” but when you have any erp warfare scars, you understand that erp implementations often fail. I’m very seasoned-tech, however for precise and well idea out use instances. I wrote the following article to talk about while it makes feel to herald generation, and wherein it’s miles worth the chance.

Criteria to usher in tech

I cut up finance/accounting operational tech into  camps: efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency answers are people who save you time and money and boom accuracy. Effectiveness helps you’re making higher choices.

“saving time” pitfalls

What does it suggest to save time? Is the time stored really worth saving? What will you do with the stored time? Saving time usually falls into  classes: either you could put off element or all of a task, or you may make a decision/process faster.

In doing away with a process, you could’t get rid of a partial head. If you may’t pick out the man or woman or people who may be permit pass when you put in force the brand new generation, then the headcount cash financial savings are not there. If you may’t discover the new features the stored time will be used for, then there are not any real efficiencies gained. The harsh fact is that most “time savers” just make current tactics quicker with out a actual material gain. Even as it’s superb to make your team participants’ lives less difficult, is that few hours’ savings worth tens of heaps if not masses of thousands of greenbacks of implementation and protection time and fees?

If the generation goes to make a technique or decision-making quicker, ask yourself what you’ll do with that extra time. Do you want to make a quicker decision? What materially will appear if you may act faster? If you may’t quantify the gain, then it is harder to justify the investment.

What does a “better choice” appear to be?

Reports and metrics are only as correct as the actions they instigate. While someone says a record or new generation will help you are making better selections, or even higher “statistics-driven” choices, ask your self the subsequent:

1. What choices do you desire you had higher data for?

2. In case you had that information, or had it quicker, what would the “better” decision look like?

Three. How much cash could you’re making or store with the “better” choice?

If you could’t think about what cloth decisions you would make with the era being presented to you, it possibly isn’t well worth the investment.

Easiest wins with automation in finance and accounting

Odds are, you’ll be pitched an automation device. There are a few approaches which can be ideal for automation. Examine every procedure thru the lens of process as opposed to judgment. Automating judgment is steeply-priced and time eating. You can get the excellent value by just automating the route and criteria-pushed tasks. If the technology helps in making better judgment calls, all the better. But taking the judgment out of the hands of the choice maker exposes you to risks greater than the ability reward, in my opinion.

A commonplace list of the famous approaches to automate:

1. Travel and price (t&e).

2. Reimbursements.

3. Bank and other hyperlinks to preferred ledger.

4. Procurement.

Each of these processes is criteria pushed and has a great amount of guide effort.

Practical issues with tech implementations

Tech is first rate, however the satan is inside the operational information. Ensure you have got a great answer to the following questions before you remember bringing on any tech.

1. Who will personal the implementation?

This may be a combination of your inner team, both technology help and challenge remember professionals, as well as an outdoor implementer — this is except you have a considerably robust application control office. Identify these humans quick and get their buy-in for the project and the time investment, otherwise you risk a failed implementation. Don’t forget to get the price range approved for outside assets.

2. Who will very own the preservation of the tech once it’s far carried out? Do you’ve got the inner ability set, or do you have to lease out?

Determine this out quick and get commitments to time and budgets before you start imposing. When you have to lease out of doors your enterprise, make sure you have got a timetable, task specifications and hr/recruiting teed up. Additionally, make sure you have the operational approaches for the way to manage the tech reviewed and permitted via it and the users before you get too a ways down the implementation course. This can help prevent a gap between what you concept you had been shopping for as opposed to what you sincerely carried out.


The very best metric to use to evaluate any finance or accounting era implementation is do the gains of better selection-making plus time/cash financial savings outweigh the costs (money and time) to enforce and maintain. Couple that with an honest answer of if the profits supplied will honestly be used and come to fruition, and you’ve got an amazing standards template for evaluating finance and accounting technology.

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