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Grammarly Review: Is Grammarly worth it in 2022?

Is Grammarly worth it in 2021?

What is Grammarly?

Its powerful grammar and spell checkerspot mistakes in writing on websites, in emails, in Word documents, in social media, and much more. Grammarly was established in 2009, but it is widely used today.

Imagine it as an angel watching over you and constantly checking your grammar.

Writing in British English will prove to be one of the biggest challenges of studying in the UK! You will need to adjust to different spelling and grammatical rules when you are writing your essays if English is not your first language, or you have been taught American English.

In addition to hiring a proofreading service, what can you do to get good marks on your essays? Being concise and easy to understand also contributes to your final mark.

Here is the solution – Grammarly has a free version and a paid version of its grammar checker and proof-reader. In addition, it helps you create copy that is easy to understand and persuasive and helps you check for plagiarism.

  • Enhances your writing skills
  • Accurate grammar and readability suggestions
  • Style-adaptive (academic, casual, creative, etc.)
  • There are three formality settings: formal, neutral, and informal
  • It is available as an extension for your browser or as a browser-based service
  • Works with Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Google Docs
  • Grammar and spell check in real-time
  • App for iOS and Android
  • Highly recommended for all types of writers, not just authors
  • Plagiarism detection
  • User-friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • There is a 4MB and 100,000 character limit for website editors
  • Integration with Google Docs is in beta, presently grammar and spelling errors are only corrected, no style or context
  • suggestions Grammarly’s website resizes incorrectly on split-screen view without CSS
  • Overly pushy marketing
  • This tool is not a replacement for human editing

Is Grammarly legit and safe to use? 

There is no risk to using it. They have a very secure plugin and website. Neither we nor any of your team’s information will be sold or rented. According to Grammarly’s security page, “we do not allow third-parties to advertise their products to you.”.

Grammarly is easy to use?

You can use it easily. The majority, including myself (read: many critics and reviewers), would acknowledge that It is one of the best proofreading services on the market, even if it is not our absolute favorite.

The developers made it easy for people of all backgrounds to use it.

Does Grammarly provide accurate information?

When it checks for errors in grammar and spelling, it gives an accurate result. Similar apps are not as accurate as this one.

The Premium version does not replace a human editor, but it is useful for correcting common mistakes, such as grammar, usage, passive voice, sentence structure, and commas placement.

A perfect grammar checker is marketed to people who write emails or social media posts rather than hard-core authors. It should not be too hard to use it for any author who doesn’t mind overlooking a few grammar checks that don’t apply to prose.

What is the cost of it?

There are no hidden fees with Grammarly’s free version. Fortunately, the free version is robust and seems to be all most people need.

The cost of the Premium version is $29.95 a month. The premium version is available in bulk at a discounted price.

Find out the latest prices here

Grammarly Desktop vs.Mobile

It is available on both your computer and mobile device. To understand the differences between them, you must know what they are.

It is an in-interface spelling and grammar checker that highlights errors with a colored underline in real-time. You can use it with Microsoft Office, laptops, or  By opening Grammarly’s sidebar, you can see how

Mobile devices can be used as a keyboard using Grammarly. Right above the letters and numbers your new and improved keyboard will display real-time corrections. 

Grammar and spelling errors are suggested. There will be synonyms available when there is no error.

Grammarly’s Top 11 Features

1. Spelling and Grammar Check

It will check your grammar and spelling. It goes beyond proofreading. Microsoft Word’s built-in spellchecker cannot possibly compete with this tool. You can compare this app with any free app.

Grammar and spelling checkers provided by the application are useful and accurate. The comma placement is even improved.

2. Suggestions

The underlined words in it let you see what the issue is if it detects any errors in your writing. A concise but informative explanation will appear next to Grammarly’s suggestion.


It does not only flags errors but also provides examples of how to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

4. Reporting

The grammar, spelling, plagiarism, and vocabulary you use in your document will be broken down. It aids you in improving over time

5. Language Preferences

Changing your language preference via your profile allows you to switch between different English dialects.

What dialects of English does It recognize? 

  • American English
  • British English
  • Canadian English
  • Australian English

6. Browser Extension

This extension is a highly accurate, easy-to-use, and intuitive addition to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

A browser extension monitors your comments, tweets, Facebook posts, and emails automatically.

7. Grammarly for Your Phone

On your phone, you can use a keyboard to check all your writing.

Whether you are away from your computer or not, Grammarly Keyboard for iOS or Android will keep an eye on all your writing through your keyboard.

The Grammarly keyboard does not support swiping.

8. Grammarly for Your Desktop

I highly recommend this app if you are lazy like me and need to get a lot of things done quickly.

You will no longer have to copy and paste your documents into their web editor. It will check your work at lightning speed by letting you drag and drop files directly into its desktop icon.

9. Plagiarism Checker (Premium Only)

You can be sure that Grammarly will cross-check your copy and make sure it does not contain plagiarism by looking at the corners of the Internet. Thousands of websites are checked each day.

If you want to protect your content against plagiarism or hire ghostwriters, this is an important feature.

As you can see, it finds plagiarism in the following way:

Taking a look at what is considered acceptable plagiarism:

Comparing Grammarly to Other Programs

There are several proofreading programs available out there that perform the same functionality as Grammarly.

Learn how Grammarly differs from other programs like ProWritingAid or Word’s spell checker, and then determine whether it is your best proofreading choice.

Grammarly vs. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid or Grammarly: Which is better? Grammarly is better than ProWritingAid when comparing only free versions. It’s easier and faster to use it than any other tool. A free version of its software can process over 10,000 words at the same time, whereas ProWritingAid Free can process only 500 words at the same time.

ProWritingAid Premium, however, is more feature-rich and integrates more tools. Yet, ProWritingAid is more affordable than Grammarly Premium as it integrates with Scrivener and OpenOffice (whereas Grammarly cannot).

What’s better, Grammarly or Ginger?

What makes Ginger better than Grammarly? There are many reasons why Grammarly is superior to Ginger. Both of these logos are similar, but Grammarly is only available on Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Uploading documents for grammar checking is only possible with Grammarly. Grammarly (Premium) is the only software that checks for plagiarism.

Ginger, unlike Grammarly, works in multiple languages. Text-to-speech is also available. Grammarly Premium is more expensive than Ginger Premium.

If it doesn’t have to work with other languages other than English, however, I would choose Grammarly.

What’s better,Grammarly or Whitesmoke

What makes Whitesmoke better than Grammarly? Whitesmoke is not as user-friendly as Grammarly and looks cheesier. In my opinion, Grammarly’s free version is better and contains more features.

There is no free version of Whitesmoke. No free trial either.

A desktop Whitesmoke app can only proofread 10,000 characters at once – not words.

Whitesmoke is also more affordable. Despite some reviewers saying it is marginally better than Google Translate, it also offers a translation tool.

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