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PDFFiller Review: What is it, and How Does It Work?

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PDFFiller is a document management suite. It allows you to edit PDF documents but also save them online for easy retrieval, collaborate with others on the editing, and so on. airSlate Inc is a software company. airSlate has a headquarters in Massachusetts. AirSlate Business Cloud is a software suite for creating and managing documents. We are looking at pricing, customer support options, user interface, compatibility, features, etc.

  • Web-based
  • A responsive customer support team
  • Collaboration by sharing links
  • Documents protected by a password
  • The prices are a bit high
  • Advanced features require a steep learning curve
  • Canceling a subscription can be a bit confusing

Plans and pricing

pdfFiller is available for free at www.pdffiller.com. It has three main pricing tiers, starting from $8 per user per month on an annual basis.

Basic plan

A basic plan is ideal for individuals who are getting started. You get basic PDF editing tools, 24/7 customer support, and access to cloud storage for all your PDF documents.

It's very cheap at only $20 a month for a monthly subscription, but you'll get a huge 67% discount if you sign up for the annual payment plan.

Premium Plan

This plan is for people who want the best. With the PDF Filler Premium plan, you get everything that the Basic plan has to offer plus many more features. You'll have the ability to create reusable templates and export your data. Additionally, you'll get access to the USLegal Forms library.

With the Premium plan, you get instant chat customer support, electronic invoicing, electronic signatures, attachments, and more. You’ll pay $15 per month for a full year, but you’ll be able to save over 67% when you subscribe for 12 months.

Standard plan

The Standard plan includes up to 10 users. airSlate Business Cloud. With this plan, you get pdf filler, along with several other software tools, included in your airSlate Business Cloud subscription.

The cost of adding each user is $50 per month.

An easy-to-use form maker, PDF editor, and eSignature solution. 


pdfFiller's features include:

1. Edit PDF documents

pdfFiller lets you add or remove text in PDF documents, copy and paste, and add images and other types of content where needed. It enables you to make significant changes to a PDF document as you’ll do to a Word document with word processing software such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

2.PDF Converter

When you convert documents from other formats to PDF format, you'll need to open the documents in Adobe Acrobat, or other reader applications.

3. Merge and paginate PDF files

You can easily merge multiple PDFs into one document using pdfFiller. It is great for merging many PDFs and/or for creating book-style documents.

4.Encryption & Security

PDFFiller helps you securely send out your electronic business forms with embedded PDF and file encryption. You can encrypt documents using your company’s internal encryption key or an external encryption key, or you can choose to store your documents as encrypted PDF files.

Your data is more important than ever, This is why we built DocuSign for Mobile, a new feature that’s designed to keep your data safe and available on all your devices, whether they’re at work or on vacation.

5. E-Signature

PDFFiller allows you to sign legally-binding PDF documents with electronic signatures. This is a valuable tool for people working in legal departments.

6. Interface and in use.

pdfFiller is available as a free web-based app. That is, it’s only available to the public through the internet. You can download a browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to fully utilize its features.

Customer Support

pdfFiller offers customer support in both e-mail and instant chat. E-mail support is available on the Basic plan and you need the Premium plan or upwards to use instant chat customer support.

pdfFiller competition.

pdfFiller has strong competition from PDFelement, Adobe Sign, and Nitro PDF Pro. However, pdfFiller provides significantly more functionality. For example, Adobe Sign only lets you sign PDF documents, while pdfFiller allows e-signatures and many other features.

Nitro PDF is a program that enables you to quickly and easily convert, sign, and edit PDF documents. PDFFiller offers that and other features, including file encryption.

Our Verdict

If you only need a simple tool to fill in and sign a single form, pdfFiller will be overkill. Nevertheless, if you fill out a lot of forms and want a smooth interface, extra features, and extensibility you won't find in a free app, then pdfFiller is the app for you.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the free 30-day trial to test it out first.

PDFFiller also offers some excellent features for automating the process and keeping track of your work if you need to create your own forms or templates. Yes, there is some learning curve involved, but with a little effort, you can gain productivity in the long run. To access these advanced tools, you'll need to invest in the Premium plan.

The top features of pdfFiller are most closely matched by Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, another subscription-based online tool. As a general rule, we recommend pdfFiller for those who work mainly with forms. For those who edit other types of PDFs, such as PowerPoint presentations, Acrobat Pro DC is likely to be your best choice.


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