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TubeBuddy Review 2022– Does it really Work?

What is TubeBuddy? Is it a scam or legit? Let’s find out.

YouTube is currently the most popular social media platform, but it is very difficult to find a place in it for content creators. If you really want to increase the number of views and subscribers for your channel, it is important to put the right keywords in the right place.

For this, TubeBuddy is a video optimization and management toolkit for YouTube. It helps you with the SEO referencing of your videos and gives you more detailed statistics to maximize the impact of your video.

In this TubeBuddy Review, we’ll walk you through the main features of this software so you can decide if this tool can support your YouTube growth.

What is Tubebuddy and how does it work?

TubeBuddy is an online tool that allows you to easily track and analyze your videos. With its YouTube SEO and competitor analysis features, TubeBuddy gives you a better view of what’s going on with your videos, helping you make the best of YouTube marketing and SEO strategies. It’s also a free Chrome extension.

You can now easily grow your brand online with our easy to use marketing tool. Get started by creating your profile, setting up your channels and uploading your videos!

With the help of your chosen SEO tool, you can easily optimize your videos, channels and website. This will make you much more visible in the search results of YouTube, helping your videos to reach a larger audience.

The creation of a list that is either used to evaluate potential customers, help automate processes, or to provide information to a reader is called checklists.

Other functions are to spy on your competitors and conduct keyword research. This allows you to find out what keywords they are using in their videos, allowing you to tailor your content to match those keywords. This helps get your video more views.

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Features of TubeBuddy

The TubeBuddy website has tons of great information on what it is, how it works, and why

1. SEO Features

TubeBuddy has over 65 features that can help you boost your videos in the YouTube algorithm. Some of them include Keyword explorer, keyword popularity, video keywords, and many more. Some of these features are indispensable for getting your content seen on YouTube.

You can use YouTube to easily plan your next video! YouTube is the second largest search engine (behind Google) that people look to for music and information. The more authoritative your keywords, the higher you can rank and the more views your videos can generate.

Keyword Explorer is a great tool that allows you to see how other sites rank for specific keywords. When you see something that’s not looking right, you can do a Google search for the site and find out why they have a problem.

If you’re a YouTube creator, this is your number one place to make sure that what you upload is appropriate for public viewing. TubeBuddy allows you to see how the video looks in search and on other channels and if your channel is properly tagged.

The A/B test is a method that allows you to compare two or more things to see if there is any difference between them. You can do an A/B test on a variety of things, from headlines to thumbnails.

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2. Productivity Tools

It is recommended that you add files (possible under certain conditions and only from 1000 subscribers); define end screens; respond to comments; etc.

In TubeBuddy, our team is always working on making TubeBuddy better than ever. That includes constantly testing and improving TubeBuddy’s product line. One such improvement is the addition of YouTube Quality Control (YTQC). YTQC is an automated tool that helps you keep your channel safe by testing your videos and making suggestions for improvements.

You can use the same End Screen Template to upload all your videos to be automatically made into a shared End Screen. This allows everyone who uploads to that template to make the same type of video. The End Screen Template also comes with various other great features that you may want to check out.

If you’re receiving a lot of comments on your website, you can use TubeBuddy to moderate them. TubeBuddy makes it easy to moderate comments, either by allowing you to approve them or block them.

You will be able to quickly and easily find questions, profanity, positive feelings, negative feelings, or certain words in the comments of your videos.

3. Promotion Tools

Posting your videos, promoting them on social media, your website, and even adding them to your email lists can increase their visibility. So let’s take a look at some of the features TubeBuddy offers you in the Promotions area.

Best Time to Publish. With the Best Time to Publish option, quickly identify when your audience is most active. This will show you when is the best time to broadcast your video or even to do live streams.

Promotional material: TubeBuddy is a platform that allows you to create, manage, and share content, including videos, blogs, podcasts, and more.

You can watch YouTube videos on TubeBuddy and then share them on social networks like Facebook. Share Tracker lets you find, follow, and share videos.

Publish to Facebook can be used to share YouTube videos on Facebook as soon as they are uploaded. This allows you to get your social media promotion campaign up and running right away!

4. Data & Research

The Competitor Scorecard provides a great way to analyze how well your content is performing compared to your competitors. In addition to providing a wealth of metrics, the Competitor Scorecard also provides a list of best practice resources from other similar websites.

5. Integrations

TubeBuddy offers users an option to use mobile apps if they have access to such devices. The app offers basic functionality but much more is offered. It allows the user to perform many tasks from managing tags, to planning their video topics, to sending standardized responses to YouTube viewers.

How much is TubeBuddy premium?

TubeBuddy provides unlimited use of its mobile app only to paid users. Here are the details of their three levels:

If your channel has less than 1000 subscribers, you qualify for a 50% discount, which makes it only $4.5 per month. The “star” is priced at $19 per month and includes advanced planning, monetization, and productivity tools in addition to Pro tools.

The “Legend,” priced at $39 per month is the highest tier. It comes with the full range of features that TubeBuddy has to offer.

TubeBuddy also offers YouTube video management, competitive analysis, and a channel ranking and review system for your own YouTube channels.

You can save as much as 20% if you pay for your services annually.

How to use TubeBuddy?

You need to choose whether you prefer to use a web browser that’s part of Google Chrome or part of Mozilla Firefox. Once you’ve done that, you only need to click through a couple of simple steps to get started.

You will be able to download the extension from the Chrome Web Store. When you click on the button that says “INSTALL FREE ON CHROME”, you will be directed to the extension download page for your browser. The new report was released by the University of New South Wales.

To install the extension for your browser, you have to simply click on it and it will begin to download and install. Sometimes you may have to accept an extra dialog box to continue the process.

When you create an account, you need to connect to YouTube first. Once that’s done, you can use the TubeBuddy that is associated with your account and all of its features.

  • The extension is easy to use and requires little technical skills.
  • Allows you to analyze your competitors in real-time.
  • It’s a complete software with useful features.
  • Generally affordable with great value for money.
  • Integrates well with the social media.
  • More affordable paid plans
  • Ability to generate data for channels, keywords, and videos
  • Excellent visual presentation of data
  • Confusing presentation of dashboards when on the YouTube page
  • Limited A/B testing abilities regardless of the plan
  • Perks available only in paid plans
  • Affiliate payout only through PayPal 
  • Difficult-to-achieve minimum affiliate referrals for the highest tier
  • MagicLinks is for those with at least 10,000 subscribers only
  • Confusing navigation and accessibility


It’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on in video making, but now you have the ability to connect with your audience and build a community around what you’re making. There are plenty of tools and options available to help you create, edit and share videos.Q:

TubeBuddy is a tool that both beginners and professional YouTube creators can use daily to grow their channels. It’s a low-cost software package for anyone creating content on YouTube.

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