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What is Audible? & Black Friday offer 3-Months of Audible for 99p (limited time)

Audible is one of the leading audiobook providers, which makes it perfect for those looking to fill their spare time with a great story or two. Whether you’re taking a road trip, getting ready for bed, commuting to work, or simply looking for some dinner party entertainment, Audible has you covered. Audible offers thousands of audiobooks, including bestsellers and new releases, which are all accessible through Audible’s website or mobile apps.

What is Black Friday’s offer?

Just in time for Black Friday in the UK, one of the best deals of 2021 is back. Audible is currently offering 3-months for just 99p. It usually costs £7.99 per month, so 3-months would cost almost £24. Therefore, 99p is an excellent deal. This offer ends on November 30, however, so make sure not to miss out.

There is some seriously awesome choice here as well–including Dune by Frank Herbert or The Sandman Act 2 which features Gunslinger legend Roland Deschain’s latest story.”

With Audible, what do I get?

Every book you buy on the Audible service is yours to keep, you can listen to all of the Audible podcasts, there are 80% off exclusive audiobooks, and you get one audiobook per month, no matter what the price is. It would cost you absolutely nothing extra to pick up Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, which normally costs around £30.

In addition to Audible on Android, iPhone, and Windows, Audible is also accessible on Fire Tablets, Fire TVs, and Amazon Echos. This means that you can listen wherever and whenever you like.

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  1. Audible is the best leading audiobook providers . The service of Audible is amazing, i think you must try it. Audible now has on Android, iPhone, and Windows, Audible is also accessible on Fire Tablets, Fire TVs, and Amazon Echos.. so there is no any reason for you to pending to use this audiobook provider. so lets try

  2. Audible is an excellent provider of audiobooks, ideal for nourishing yourself with information or education while doing another activity or going on a trip. Interectaundo on the website we find the offers and promotions, it only remains to choose the one that best suits our lifestyle and work. I really recommend it.

  3. I liked the article about Audible, I usually listen to audiobooks and this is an excellent option and more than it is in promotion, great benefits are obtained and the best available on my Iphone


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