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What is Covid 19 New Variant? Omicron- All you need to know about it.

The new variant of the Covid known as “Omicron” has been discovered in several major cities across the world now. Please read this blog post for all details on what we know so far.

What is its name?

As a result of “concerning” mutations and evidence that suggests an increased risk of reinfection, the variant was named a variant of concern (VOC) on Friday by the World Health Organization. Greek letters are assigned to such variants by the WHO system so that they do not appear in the same category as the location where they were first discovered. The variant has been named Omicron.

What is its origin?

The variant was initially attributed to Gauteng but could have come from anywhere. On 11 November, a sample from Botswana was the first to show the variant. Researchers suggest that this unusual cluster of mutations may have evolved from chronic infection in an immunocompromised individual, such as a person with HIV/AIDS.

When was the Omicron variant first discovered?

Earlier this week, the B.1.1.529 variant was identified and identified as a concern due to the number of mutations in the gene that may lead to its evasion of immunity. According to reports from international monitors, there has been an increase in cases of the Gauteng province over two weeks. This is due largely because it contains Pretoria and Johannesburg–two major cities that could be important for how this new variant spreads within South Africa’s urban areas. The chief medical adviser at UK Health and Security Agency described these findings as “the most concerning variant we have seen,” so if you live outside these regions or travel frequently between them make sure your precautions match what they need

Why scientists are concerned about it?

In a recent study, researchers found that there are over 30 mutations in spike protein – the key that unlocks our cells. This makes it more likely to infect or reinfect people who have immunity from previous infections with this virus; even though we haven’t seen any cases yet!

Is omicron more transmissible than delta variant?

This is not yet clear-cut but the emerging picture is alarming. There has been a surge in cases from 273 to 1,200 by this time last week and preliminary analysis suggests that variant of Ebola virus disease (EVD) rapidly became the dominant strain within Gauteng province alone with 80% located there so far.

The R-value, which indicates how fast an epidemic is growing, ranges from 1.47 in South Africa as a whole but can be up to 2 times higher for Gauteng residents due to its proximity with Johannesburg and other big cities where more people live very close together resulting in increased contact rates between one another leading many cases of infection spreading quickly throughout this region quicker than expected before precautions are taken into consideration.

Will existing vaccines work against the omicron variant?

Scientists are worried about the number of mutations and their ability to evade current immunity, with some already linked as having this potential. Studies will be conducted in order to test how effective antibodies can neutralize these new variants, but real-world data on reinfection rates may provide more insight into what changeless means for our defenses against them 

 Scientists think it is important not just because there’s never been anything like this before–although that factor alone makes us wonder if we’re prepared enough should something happen again.

There is a chance that the new variant will be unnoticed by antibodies, but current vaccines may not work as well in protecting against it. To combat this threat, scientists have been working hard to boost vaccination rates and provide third doses for at-risk groups so they too can get protected from infection!

Will the omicron variant cause more severe Covid?

At this stage, South African scientists are not suspecting that the latest variant will be either worse or milder. There is no information yet on whether it leads to a change in symptoms and severity – something they’ll keep an eye out for with close monitoring; but since there’s often some time between infections leading up to severe illness (and more importantly), we don’t want people panicking just yet!

Is there a possibility of vaccines being tweaked and how long could that take?

The need for a new version of the vaccine will be determined by how quickly we can identify and stop this virus, but it’s worth noting that teams behind vaccines are already working on updating them with an updated spike protein should such an event arise.

In a world where new outbreaks are becoming more and more prevalent, it’s not surprising that researchers have been working hard on updating vaccines. In fact, due to how fast things can change in these situations – like when an old vaccine loses its effectiveness or someone gets vaccinated against something they didn’t actually die from– research teams were already poised for such changes before the recent crisis hit their shores.

The situation may now be much simpler: all those who need protection will receive it as quickly as possible using existing materials; only minor modifications would then likely be necessary at some point down the line if we want them ready come next emergency season begins again.

How likely is the Omicron variant to spread around the world?

Global infections are on the rise. So far, over one-third of confirmed cases have been found in South Africa with another handful being detected in Botswana and Hong Kong as well. An additional case was identified earlier this week when Israel reported their first patient to be infected while traveling abroad through Malawi or Egypt & Turkey recently—a Belgian citizen returning from an African vacation who is now doing treatment at home after being diagnosed during routine tests done upon his return visit back where he received varicella vaccine about 10 days ago which seems ineffective according to some doctors here because they say you cannot get chickenpox twice within close proximity!

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