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Congratulations on your engagement! Whether you’ve already started planning, or just got engaged and are starting to get ideas about what kind of wedding guests would be great for us – a gift list can sometimes help people give an idea about the items we need.

A gift list is a list of items for which the couple would appreciate gifts. It is usually used by couples who are registering at department stores or other retail establishments since guests typically like to give gifts that the couple can enjoy on a daily basis. People especially like to register for gifts if they have unusual tastes or if their household needs differ from those of the average newlywed couple. If you would prefer not to let your guests know what you are planning to use your registry for, you can simply tell them that you are compiling a list of people who would like to give you gifts.

A gift registry is not the same thing as a bridal registry. A bridal registry is used by couples who are married but have chosen to hold their wedding in a location that cannot be used for a reception. In this case, the couple must still have a party in order to celebrate their marriage with friends and family. A bridal registry is also not the same thing as a wedding website. With a wedding website, couples can share photos, videos, plans for their big day, and more!

Use these tips in order to make your gift list a success!

1. Make it personal

You can create your wedding gift list in any way that you’d like, but most people choose to make their lists personalized by including one or more of these four things:

A description of the couple. An example would be “John & Jane are registered at Company X, wishing to register for items like a coffeepot large enough for two and sheets that feel good every morning!” This allows guests to get an idea of who you are and what your preferences may be; it also adds a personal touch.

A description of the couple’s household. An example would be “John & Jane live in an apartment, and would love to have things that they can use in a small space.” This allows guests a better idea of what you’re looking for. If the couple has children, this is a good place to include details about them.

A picture or two. Most registries have plenty of pictures from which to choose cool items for your wedding gift list. Having a picture of something you like is the best way to ensure that your guests will get you something you’ll really enjoy!

Desires and needs. Many couples choose to include things they need, such as pots and pans or silverware, as well as desires, such as fondue sets or espresso machines. This is also a good place to include sizes since many guests are not aware of the couple’s specific dimensions.

2. Make it easy to use

Once you’ve created your list, be sure that you take steps to make sure that other people will know how to use it. Some hosts choose to create a wedding website that includes their gift registry, pictures of items that the couple already owns, and more! You can include a link to your gift list in your wedding invitations so guests will have an easier time finding it. If you are not making your own registry website, be sure that whoever is hosting the website for you makes it easy to search by item or price range.

3. Ask people if they’ve used the registry before

Many couples choose to include a list of items they already own (especially for appliances) so their guests will know that anything they buy them is something new. If you are making your own wedding website, be sure to take this into account; if you’re not, ask your host whether or not it’s okay to do the same.

4. Keep it simple

When you’re making your gift list, include only items that are important to you and things that guests will actually want to buy. Just because your best friend likes sunflowers doesn’t mean you should choose flowers as one of the items on your registry! Be sure that you only put things on your list that you personally wish to have.

5. If you change your mind, it’s okay!

Even though most registries are chosen carefully, many couples end up wanting things that they didn’t put on their list for one reason or another. For example, you may discover that an item is cheaper elsewhere! Some websites allow you to remove items from your list, while others allow you to add them. In either case, it’s easy to make changes if the couple decides they’d really like a different style of silverware or kitchen appliance.

Whatever you decide to purchase, make sure it is something that the couple will enjoy and cherish for years to come. As a gift-giver, your goal should be to find a thoughtful present with the meaning behind it—so don’t just buy what you think they want or need! Get creative by giving them something sentimental from their past together or maybe even create a new tradition together as newlyweds.


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